OnSite International's purpose is to give glory to God by
advancing His gospel worldwide through prayer,
church development, discipleship, and evangelism

What Is OnSite Prayer?

OnSite Prayer is simply defined as praying in a place where you expect God to answer your prayers.

It's true that God hears our prayers from wherever we pray.  But when we pray in the presence of people or circumstance(s) that our heart is burdened for, God often reveals new ways to pray that we wouldn't likely have discovered while praying from a distance. 

God often increases our prayer awareness through our senses.  By praying on site, God may have you see a person or event He wants your heart to connect with in prayer.  He may allow you to hear something spoken, sung, or prayed that He may use to change the way to pray for another person or matter.  By the sense of smell, you may pick up a clue God gives you to pray in a certain way. 

God gives us clues, and matters to pray for, throughout every day.  Are we watching and paying attention to pick up on those clues and pray accordingly?

OnSite prayer seeks to bring Christians on location to encourage one another in prayer, plus seek God to do what only He will do by prayer.  When we gather, we do not try to draw attention to ourselves.  We may congregate together briefly to share instruction, some general prayer points, or to corporately pray for a brief time, but then we divide up into pairs or small groups to walk and pray together in the church, school, business, or location where we're led to pray.

OnSite prayer can be done anywhere and by any Christian.  It simply takes a watchful eye, a listening ear, and a heart ready to invite God into a circumstance or life.