OnSite International's purpose is to give glory to God by
advancing His gospel worldwide through prayer,
church development, discipleship, and evangelism

Praying On Site

OnSite highly values Christians trained to pray effectively in all circumstances, locations, and situations.

To help facilitate this, we offer online and in-person training to equip Christians to confidently pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

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What Is OnSite Prayer? 

1. OnSite Prayer is praying where you expect to see God answer your prayer. 
2. OnSite Prayer is praying on location (on site) with God’s insight. 

Why OnSite Prayer? 

1 Thessalonians 5:17 teaches, “Pray without ceasing.”  The idea of praying in your prayer room 
or space for a long time may seem tedious or difficult.  OnSite Prayer allows you to move about 
with eyes-open, engaging with people and circumstances all around.  You may find yourself 
praying more often because of the simplicity of practicing OnSite Prayer!  
OnSite Prayer allows you to engage people you’re praying for.  Ways to engage someone can be 
a friendly smile, a “hello,” asking a question, or silently praying from a distance for a person or 
child you see.  People, even non-Christ followers, desire prayer in all seasons of life! 
One advantage to OnSite Prayer is that it can help you pray for many people you don’t 
personally know.  It’s okay to pray for friends and family members, but sometimes it’s easy to 
get stuck only praying for people you know.  Praying for people outside of your familiarity 
causes what some might call a double-blessing. 
The person/people you pray for receive(s) the blessing God places upon them because they’ve 
been prayed for.  You receive a blessing of knowing you’ve followed God’s leading to pray for 
that person/people. 
People who know others are praying for them are usually very encouraged.  While you might 
not typically go out of your way to tell a stranger you’re praying for them while praying on site, 
it’s perfectly okay to do so- as long as the Holy Spirit is prompting you to share, and not your 

When May One Pray On Site?

Anytime!  God is eager to hear our prayers- whether it’s 3am or 3pm.  If you pray on site at 
night, be wise about your surroundings (it’s recommended that you take somebody along and 
stay in well-lit areas at night). 

Where Is a Good Place to Pray On Site?

It’s good to pray wherever you’re at or wherever you are planning to go!  You may pray for 
others while at the store, supermarket, at school, while walking to your car, while walking or 
driving around one’s neighborhood, while on your way into or out of church, while driving past, 
or visiting a hospital, and the list can go on and on.  Be creative! 

Before You Pray- 

Before you pray on site, it is important to check the spiritual condition of your heart.   
Begin by worshiping God for Who He is.  Thank Him for some of His specific attributes!  “Lord, I 
thank you for being perfectly wise, loving, merciful, and gracious to me.  There is no one like 
You.  You are beautiful to me.  Help me to experience You and Your attributes in greater 
Next, pray Psalm 139: 23-24:  “Search me, O God and know my heart, test me and know my 
anxious thoughts and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”  
Confess to God any sin, pride, prejudices, anxiousness/fears, or anything else He brings to mind 
that does not meet His perfect will for your life.  Confessing sin is necessary for fellowship with 
God.  Prayer in any form is fellowshipping with God, so it is important to ensure nothing is 
blocking your communication with Him. 
When praying on site with others, pray for one-another before you begin. 

How to Pray On Site- Observe & Pray 

You may pray on your own or by partnering with somebody else (the latter is preferred). 
If you’re praying on site with one or more people, listen to the ways God is leading them to 
pray.  That may provide ideas or clues about how you can join them in praying for God’s will to 
be done in a circumstance or life! 
Who and what do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  Each person or thing you 
observe may be a clue God is giving you to direct your prayers for someone or for some 
situation.  Sight, sound, and smell, are the most-used senses when praying on site. 


Look at bumper stickers on cars.  What do they tell you about the car owner(s)?  How might 
they indicate a way to pray for the driver(s)? 
Look for yard signs.  What do they tell you about the people who live in that home?  How might 
you pray for the home or business owner/buyer based on what the sign says? 
Look for toys in people’s yards.  Chances are there are children to pray for. 
If you see someone, are they smiling, staring, frowning, zoning out?  That may be a clue about 
how to pray for the person (or engage in a conversation that leads to praying with them). 
Sound of voices- do they sound joyful, raised in anger, playful...?  Pray accordingly. 
Does something smell tasty, unpleasant, etc.?  It may serve as a clue to pray in a specific way. 
What Praying On Site Isn’tPraying on site isn’t time to chit-chat with a partner.  You may do a little of this to confer with 
another person to see how he/she is feeling led to pray, but make sure that the majority of the 
time set aside to pray on site is used doing exactly that! 
Praying on site isn’t a vacation from reality.  If anything, God will make you more aware of your 
surroundings and reality- which isn’t something one should fear. 

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over! 

While praying on site, God may or may not allow you to see His answers to your prayers 
immediately.  If you do not see a life blessed, a hardened-heart softened, restoration to a 
broken family, or whatever else God calls you to pray, continue praying!  Christians are often 
quick to quit instead of persisting in prayer! 
If one participates in a larger, corporate, time of OnSite prayer; continue to watch, listen, and 
pray even after the event or journey ends.  God hasn’t stopped working or listening.  Neither 
should you!   

Variations of OnSite Prayer- 

OnSite prayer may be done alone. 
OnSite prayer may be done in pairs or in small groups. 
OnSite prayer may be done with silent or spoken prayers. 
OnSite prayer may be done by asking people for prayer requests, writing down the requests on 
a note card, then praying with the person/people while in their presence. 
Prayer driving is a way of participating in OnSite prayer while driving or riding in an automobile. 
Prayer flying may be done as one travels by plane over land or water.  This is especially fun to 
do at night time!  You may choose to pray a blessing over a town, city, or village that is 
illuminated by light(s) at night as you fly overhead. 
Many others- be creative!