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What's True About Worry

It’s easy to see a matter or circumstance, outside of our control, and then worry about how the matter will be resolved.  Sometimes we can conjure up all kinds of solutions; other times, we can’t, and we become overwhelmed.

But what is true about worry?

Worry is what happens when a matter or circumstance takes on a bigger appearance in our minds than God, or his ability to deal with the matter.

Most Christians agree that there’s no one greater than God and that there’s nothing outside of his control.  But in our hearts, we don’t always believe it.

I sometimes picture a child holding a magnifying glass up to a small bug.  When he gazes upon the small creature for a few moments, he becomes curious and even a little bit in awe of the detail, features, and size of the creature.  It isn’t long before his imagination kicks in- and his mind begins to imagine this creature, that appears large and menacing before his eyes, doing destructive things.  Given too much time imagining this way, the child can even become fearful of the little, harmless, creature.

Isn’t that the same thing we do when we dwell upon a matter or circumstance for a long time?  Our imaginations kick in, and before long, all kinds of vain imaginings strike fear in our hearts!  The once small matter now appears bigger than we can handle- and our minds become susceptible to the lie that it’s out of God’s control too.

But God is True.  God is all-powerful.  God is holy and perfectly righteous!  He knows exactly what is true about our hearts, the circumstances before us, and how He’s going to resolve those circumstances and matters.  It’s up to us to trust and correctly have faith in Him.  If we lack faith and trust, He’ll happily grow us in these areas, if we ask.  Let’s do so now.

Almighty God, I confess that I don’t always see things as you do.  I tend to look at matters through earthly eyes instead of your eyes.  Please show me what is true, from your perspective, in each matter or circumstance that I have a tendency to worry or fret about.  Help grow my faith and trust in you- so that I can confidently look to you whenever I’m tempted to worry.  Thank you for desiring to make me more like you today and every day!  I yield my mind, heart, and all of myself to you today.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.