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Is God Speaking- or is Somebody Else Speaking to Me?

Two of the great benefits we received when Jesus died on the cross, and rose from the dead, is that we can speak and hear directly with/from God.  No longer do we need to sacrifice offerings (we can confess our sins directly to Him and accept forgiveness).  No longer must we have a priest or some other spiritual authority figure go before God on our behalves.  We can speak to and hear directly from God, anytime and in any place!

But a question that many have relating to listening for the voice of God is, “How can I discern if the voice I hear, or the impression I’m receiving, is from God, from my Adversary the Devil, or just a deep desire of my own?

It’s an important question to ask, and there are some basic ways to quickly and easily discern if what you’re hearing (or the impression you’re receiving) is from God or elsewhere.

First, a word of caution- do not trust your feelings alone.  Feelings are deceptive, can change moment-by-moment, and can be affected by many external things.

Some questions to consider and seek answers for include:

1.      If I follow this impression, will it honor or glorify God?  Will doing this bring Him glory, or will it only bring me glory?

2.      Does what I hear agree with what the Scriptures say?

3.      Are my motives pure?

4.      Will it bring blessing to the Body of Christ?

5.      What do praying, Spirit-filled, Christian friends say about this matter?

Answer each honestly and seek godly counsel.  When you do, you establish a way of thinking and discerning the thoughts and impressions you have.  And you glorify God while doing so!