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Prayer Tune-Up

When it comes to prayer or one's personal walk with Jesus Christ, it's easy to become unbalanced or in need of a tune-up from time to time.  Here, we offer a variety of short, applicable, tips and prayers to help you check or tune-up your prayer life.

Truth About God

Importance of Correct Thinking about God
Settling Who's First in Your Heart


What Jesus Taught About Prayer

Lord, Teach Us to Pray; Hallowed Be Your Name
How Should We Pray?


Practical Help For Your Quiet Times

Strengthening Your Prayer Life

The Friend We Have in Jesus -1
The Friend We Have in Jesus -2
The Friend We Have in Jesus -3
The Friend We Have in Jesus -4

What's True About Worry
How Worry Affects How You Pray
How Worry Hinders the Effectiveness of our Prayers
Praying Away Worry


Praying God's Word


Spiritual Warfare

 Is God Speaking- or is Somebody Else Speaking to Me?

Questions or Concerns Regarding Prayer

Pride: A Hindrance to Prayer