OnSite International's purpose is to give glory to God by
advancing His gospel worldwide through prayer,
church development, discipleship, and evangelism

Prayer Discipleship

OnSite trains and equips Christians to listen for God's voice, pray confidently, effectively, and grow in their prayer relationship with God.

Since the 1950's and 60's, Western Christians largely have been left untrained in prayer.  This has led to generations of Christians who:

  • Lack Biblical understanding of prayer
  • Lack a prayerful, or deeper relationship, with God
  • Don't pray
  • Struggle to pray beyond the prayer lists they construct or are given by others
  • Have become frustrated with unanswered prayers
  • Only pray vending-machine like prayers (Lord, do this; give me that)
  • Have given up on prayer and/or God
  • Struggle to pray beyond a few minutes each day
  • Struggle to find joy in prayer

Realizing that these obstacles and difficulties hinder many from growing closer to God, OnSite is developing individual and small group prayer discipleship, as well as church-wide prayer training.

"Teach Us to Pray- Transforming Prayer From How to Wow" workshops are currently being offered.  Schedule yours today!

"Adding Value to Your Relationship with God" trainings that focus on modeling quiet time with God, plus evaluating Christians' spiritual temperaments, are also currently offered.