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He Does It. So Can You!

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 3:09pm -- Rob
Recently, I listened to a message by Jerry Jenkins, one of the authors of the Left Behind book series and many other books you can find in Christian book stores.  At one point in his message, he shared about a conversation he had with Billy Graham; while helping him write his memoirs. 
Jenkins asked Billy about what he does to maintain his own spiritual disciplines. 
Billy replied, "You know, it isn't hidden from us.  God doesn't hide it.  It's in the Bible.  We are to pray without ceasing and search the Scriptures."
Jenkins: "You pray without ceasing?"
Billy Graham:  "I do.  I've prayed every conscious moment since I was 17 years old and received Christ.  I'm praying right now as I talk to you; that everything I say will honor Christ and that this book will honor Him."
Feeling convicted by Billy Graham's answer, Jenkins attempted to change subjects and asked Billy how he searches the Scriptures.

Billy answered, "No matter where I am in the world; somebody's house, a hotel, my own home, or in my own office; I open my Bible to where I can see it frequently.  Every time I notice it, I stop and I read a verse or two, a chapter or two, or even for an hour or two; just for my own spiritual food."

When asked what he does when he misses a day or two of reading Scripture, Billy Graham replied in a surprised manner, "I don't think I've ever done that!" 

Jenkins: "You don't miss a day?"

"No I don't.  I told you, it's my spiritual food.  I don't miss a meal either!", Graham responded.

Jenkins closed, "If you're wondering why Billy Graham's ministry is so blessed; why he's been so honored of God and won so many people to Christ; What's different in Billy Graham's life and the lives of many Christians is that he does it.  The Bible says, pray without ceasing and search the Scriptures.  He does it."

Our lives will change, too, if we simply read the Word of God (allow it to become our spiritual food; don't miss a meal) and pray (seek God's face continually in all manners and forms of prayer; relationally).

He does it.  So can you!


Rob Griepentrog