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Aware in Prayer/Independence Day

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 1:16pm -- Rob
Independence Day is a day to celebrate freedom and independence from the rule of any other nation.  While God has given us great freedoms, we do remain fully dependent on Him.
God is the Lover of our Souls, our Creator, our Wonderful Counselor (the Holy Spirit), Prince of Peace (Jesus), our Almighty God, our Rock, Salvation, and He has many additional names!
One of the dangers of being sinful beings, and living with liberty and freedoms, is that we can become self-sufficient.  Self-sufficiency is not an inalienable right (at least I didn't see it the last time I read the Constitution or Declaration of Independence).  It's not how God intended or desired us to live.  Yet, how easy it is to become prideful, to take matters into our own hands, and declare independence from God!
As we approach July 4th this week, would you purposely set aside some time to ask God to search you for any self-sufficiency or any spirit of self-sufficiency within you?  If He brings something forward, confess that to Him, release it, accept His forgiveness and desire to change you from within, then let Him heal that area of your heart and/or thinking.
I can't think of a better way to practice earthly independence, than by being fully dependent on our Creator!  He does immeasurably more than we ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20)!
Aware in Prayer- Practicing Freedom to Pray in Public

This week, if you'll be attending a parade, concert, public or private fireworks display, or spending time around others you might not normally spend time with during the course of a regular day/week; would you be in prayer for those around you?  Ask the Lord to direct your attention to children, adults, or groups of people that He may desire for you to pray for.  Then, pray for them as the Spirit leads you to do so!

That could simply be praying the SAFE prayer for someone from a distance (asking God to bring them Spiritual Awakening or a Fresh Encounter with Himself that day).  You may want to strike up a conversation with someone.  While talking, ask if you can pray for them (or if they have any specific prayer requests you could pray for).  If they agree, take some time to pray for them right there and then!  Trust the Holy Spirit to give you the words to pray if you feel fearful or intimidated.  He will! 

Most people are blessed when somebody (even a total stranger) takes the time to , listen, care, and pray for them!

Practice the freedom to pray this week (and every week)!  Watch for opportunities to pray.  Listen and follow the Spirit's promptings, then seek God to change lives and eternities- maybe even your own as you pray! 

Everybody benefits through prayer!