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Joining Him

Wed, 05/11/2011 - 9:04pm -- Rob

Often in our day, prayer is thought of the way of getting something from God.  While prayer exists to request things and results from God, I like how John F. DeVries, in his book, Why Pray?, defines prayer.  “God intended prayer to be the means by which we join with Him in His work of redeeming the world.”

Suddenly, prayer takes on additional dimensions.  The one-dimensional view of “pray to get what you want” leaves much to be desired.  It can make prayer self-centered; and if one holds that view for very long, God becomes the ultimate Vending Machine.  God deserves much greater reverence than that!

When prayer is viewed as joining God in His work; suddenly walls fall down, darkness is chased by light, and lives change as God is invited to move in hearts and minds!

DeVries also shares this anecdote:

    “I think of prayer as a spotlight.  When I pray for a specific area, I am calling God's attention to that target,  focusing His spotlight on that area in a special way, illuminating places of spiritual darkness and death.  When I go prayer walking, interceding quietly for each house I pass, I focus the light of God's love on that home, and I believe that this is an extremely significant act.  Something happens in that home- even though I may not see it- when I focus the light of God's love even momentarily on a house by praying for its occupants.  I call God's attention to those people in a way that He would not attend if I had not prayed for them.”

Are there homes on your street, or in your neighborhood, that could benefit by you shining a spotlight of prayer upon this week?  It doesn't take a lot of time, but by taking the initiative of joining Him, you invite God to begin a new work in the lives of people around you.

Give it a try!