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Observe, Then Pray!

Wed, 06/29/2011 - 9:19am -- Rob

Do you notice details? Maybe your mind is preoccupied with a project, a recent conversation, or maybe your attention is completely on the screen in front of you.

What one sees and notices makes up much of the experience they take away or remember from an event.

That is true when it comes to prayer walking as well.

When you prayer walk your neighborhood, here are some things to take notice of as you walk.

1. Is there a car or are there cars in a driveway? If so, do any have bumper stickers? What do they say? You may be able to get a feel for what's important to someone in that household based on what you see on a bumper sticker. You may choose to pray based on an impression you receive from a bumper sticker.

2. Is the yard well-kept or does it appear neglected? You may take away an impression that the homeowner holds a certain level of stewardship toward their possessions. You may also pick up an impression that the household is going through difficulties if the yard looks out-of-sorts. Based on what you see, pray accordingly.

3. Are there toys left in the yard? That may be a clue that there are children in the household to pray for. You may pray for good relationships between parents and children and/or the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of all who reside under that roof.

4. Notice people in your neighborhood. Are some people you see downcast or depressed in appearance? That may be a cue to pray accordingly. Is someone you see full of joy and happiness, that too may be a cue about how to pray for that person.

5. Listen to sounds in the neighborhood. Children playing, voices raised in anger, or even the sound of birds chirping by all be cues the Holy Spirit may use to direct your prayer in that moment.

You may make these observations as you drive as well.

When one takes time to notice the people and things around them, prayer points can quickly follow.

Observe, then pray!