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The Way It Is Isn't How It Has To Remain

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 11:25am -- Rob

In a busy culture and lifestyle, it's often easiest to leave difficult circumstances, relationships, and matters to others rather than stopping and lending a hand or taking a few moments to pray.

When this happens for a lengthy period of time, it's easy to distance oneself from the needy, helpless, or unfortunate. "That's the way it is" can become an attitude within one who would rather not lend a personal hand or prayer to change the circumstances another is affected by. Over time, as others are neglected, the problem or concern grows.

Although easier to ignore in the moment, can a Christian afford to do so? Inaction, a lack of Christ-like witness, and a lack of trust in God often speaks louder than our outward actions.

Prayer is often viewed as a "last resort" when dealing with matters that have grown beyond our control. But what if prayer becomes our FIRST response/resort whether we feel we're in control or not?

Getting a prideful attitude of "I can help in my own strength, knowledge, or experience" out of the way is important. Praying to God to intervene and change the circumstances and the person/people involved is the best place to start.

God, who has all abilities and resources at His use can and will do what we ask- and things far beyond what we expect! But we need to ask- and adjust our mindset from praying last to praying first.

Disposing of a mindset of "that's the way it is," and replacing it with a mindset of "God, change the way it is to the way you want it to become" is a powerful place to begin.

Observe people you encounter as you drive, shop, and walk around this week. Ask God to touch, bless, or do something in the life of the person/people you see. The "way it is" will soon change as the lives of those you pray for are touched by God- all because you asked Him to do so!