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Timing Your Prayers

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 10:39am -- Rob

Years ago, I came across a website that struck my fancy. It's www.time.gov. It's a neat little tool I now use to target the timing of my prayers (more about this later).

The website first asks the user to click on a map- in order to choose a time zone.

Once a time zone is chosen, the page refreshes and shows the exact time and date. But the really cool thing about this page is what shows up beneath the time and date...

A map of the world showing where it's daytime and where it's nighttime! Throughout the day (or night), the page automatically adjusts to show where it's dawn, dusk, mid-day, or late at night.

Another cool thing you'll notice is that over weeks and months, the shape of the darkness and light changes (to vertical lines on the globe around the time of the equinoxes, to wavy lines during summer or winter). It naturally happens as the earth's axis moves from season to season.

How It's Useful for Prayer

When I pray for people around the world, I like to know roughly what time of day or night they're experiencing, then pray accordingly.

For example, if I pray for people in the Middle East during my noon hour in the States, it usually is evening or night time for the people I'm praying for. Knowing this, I will often adjust my prayer to something similar to this: "Lord as people in (insert name of country or city here) prepare to sleep tonight, give them visions or dreams of You. Speak to them through your Spirit and help them to know who you truly are and what you've truly done for them. Amen."

While it's true that God works outside of time, it's encouraging to pray specifically for people based on what time of day or night it is.

I hope you find this site useful when praying for people around the world. Enjoy!