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Prayer Trainers

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 3:50pm -- Rob

Ruth and I recently met with a woman who wanted to know how to pray.  Over the course of a little more than an hour, we answered many of her questions, shared some resources, and pointed to many truths about prayer in Scripture (including walking her through a detailed explanation of the various parts of the Lord’s Prayer).

She left our home with great joy and excitement!

Afterwards, I told Ruth that the appointment was an answer to prayer.  For years, I’ve dreamt of being able to encourage and equip individuals in prayer.  While people desiring physical fitness sometimes seek personal trainers to help them improve their health, I LOVE that there are people who desire a personal trainer in prayer!

Often times, a little bit of teaching, practice, or a nudge of Christian encouragement is all that it takes to help a brother or sister in Christ gain fresh confidence and joy in prayer.

Ruth and I are available to meet with you!  We can arrange face-to-face appointments, or also connect with you online (if you live a distance away).  Contact me at robg@prayonsite.org or 317.506.7278.  We would love to help you, or someone you know, take a step forward in your prayer life!