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Mapping Prayer

Tue, 05/31/2011 - 11:01am -- Rob

If you're someone who is looking for a fresh or different way to pray for people in your country or in other countries, I suggest you download Google Earth to your computer.

Once you've downloaded the free software, open it and type the name of your city into the search box and hit enter.

You'll see the picture of the globe zoom in to your city- to the point where you'll see streets and locations therein.

Take a moment to pray for neighbors, businesses, and people you know who live on some of those streets.

Next, type in the name of a country you're not too familiar with (Estonia, for example). Hit enter and you'll be whisked away to that once-Eastern bloc country. Though you may not personally know anybody there, zoom in by hitting the + button on the screen, then take a few minutes to pray for God to pour His Holy Spirit upon those in that country and in specific cities you see show up (if you zoom in closer, more cities and towns will appear). God will faithfully hear and answer your prayers- and lives will begin to be reached for the gospel- just because you spent a few minutes "mapping out" your prayers.

Try it and share your experiences by commenting to this blog or emailing me at robg@prayonsite.org.